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Don't bother me, I'm living happily ever after.

Apr 16 '14


CSI New York Appreciation Week

[3/3] Favourite Episodes - 9x06: The Lady in the Lake

"Well, ‘cause I’m not a cop. No, I mean, I work with cops. Yeah, I do cop stuff, but I’m a… I’m a Crime Scene Investigator."

Apr 15 '14

Happy 55th Birthday, Emma Thompson ! (April 15th, 1959)

❝ I try hard not to be preoccupied by how I look. I don’t think I am considered a beauty in that sense, I always thought of myself as a character actress, so in a sense I’ve got much less to lose.❞

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Apr 15 '14
Apr 15 '14


Gearing up

Apr 15 '14


You haven’t failed, Seven. You’ve exceeded my expectations. You’ve become an individual, an extraordinary individual. 

janeway and seven + quotes

Apr 15 '14
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Apr 14 '14


Sarah Lancashire as Catherine Cawood in Happy Valley (2014)

I’m too old to start shagging in cars.

Apr 13 '14
Apr 13 '14

there was just blood.

Apr 13 '14